Are Paracord Bracelets Actually Worth It?

Whether you are an active hiker, camper, or just enjoy the outdoors, having some survival gear can be very helpful. When it comes to choosing survival gear, it can be hard to know what is worth purchasing and what is just a gimmick. One thing that many swear by is a quality paracord bracelet to wear when off the beaten path.

For many wearers, paracord bracelets are highly worth the costs and can be very useful. These bracelets are low cost and can be used in many crisis situations. Wearers can create their own bracelets for even less costs and equal efficiency.

While paracord bracelets may be worth the cost, it is important to break down if you will truly use this item and if it is worth purchasing. This will be very situational considering each individual has differing needs. However, we will break down the ins and outs of paracord bracelets and their value.

What Are Paracord Bracelets?

A paracord bracelet is also known as a survival bracelet. This survival tool is commonly worn by campers, hikers, and other individuals who are outdoors. They can be used in emergency situations as a way to access rope easily.

Paracord bracelets are a great way to get a lot of rope in a very small package. In fact, most paracord bracelets offer a foot of paracord per inch of bracelet. This means that a six inch bracelet would equate to six feet of rope.

Common Uses for a Paracord Bracelet

Of course, paracord bracelets are considered survival gear and are most commonly used by those who are in nature often. You may never need to use your bracelet, but should the time come, it does have many uses. Just some of the ways that wearers utilize this paracord are:

  • Make a Shelter – This cord is great for creating a lean-to if needed while outdoors. You can unweave the paracord and use the rope to lash branches together. If you have a tarp on hand, this can be an even easier process and will serve as a great makeshift shelter.
  • Use the Rope for Fishing – A great survival use for the paracord is to create a fishing line. Clearly food is on the top of your needs list and the paracord holds together well for fishing purposes. You will simply unravel the cord and attach a hook, giving you the perfect fishing gear.
  • Create a Trap – If fishing is not an option, you can always use the paracord to create a basic trap. A snare trap can be easily used to trap small game on the ground. This game can be cooked and eaten for nutrition if needed.
  • Start a Fire – If you have the right materials, a paracord is a great way to start a fire using the bow method. This can be a bit difficult for beginner survivalists, but the guts of the bracelet make a great firestarter option. If you have limited options for firestarting, these bracelets can come in handy.
  • Make a Tourniquet – When it comes to survival, having medical gear on hand can be a true life or death situation. While a paracord bracelet is not truly medical gear, it does make for a great tourniquet should you need one. If you find yourself severely injured and bleeding, the paracord can be unwound and used for tourniquet purposes.
  • Marking a Trail – You may not want to use a large amount of your paracord bracelet for these purposes, but you can cut small sections to mark a trail. By unraveling the bracelet, you can use sections of the cord to tie around tree branches. This will show where you have been and can create a simple trail to follow.

These are just some of the many ways you can use your paracord bracelet. Essentially anything that you would need rope or cord for will benefit from the use of the bracelet. One great thing is that this cord is durable, can be cut, and you can get several feet from just one bracelet.

Paracord Bracelet

How Much Are Paracord Bracelets?

This leads into the costs of these bracelets and what makes them worth these costs. As with most things on the market today, paracord bracelets can be highly detailed and more costly or can be very basic. The real test is how much rope you will receive the overall durability of the piece.

You can easily find paracord bracelets for under $5 at many outdoor shops. However, these will usually come with less paracord and it may not be as durable. The average paracord bracelet will contain around 8 to 10 feet of cord and will be about 8 to 10 inches in length.

However, you can always create your own paracord bracelet for even less if you have the skills needed to do so. Purchasing paracord is rather inexpensive and you can usually make several bracelets for the price of one at a retail location. Not to mention you can add to your bracelet to make it customizable.

Some options that you can add to a paracord bracelet to make it even more survival friendly are:

  • Buckles – Adding something as simple as a metal buckle or clasp can come in handy when in the outdoors. Bending a metal clasp can create a fishing hook or even help with creating a makeshift shelter. Adding some basic buckles also makes the bracelet easier to wear and come at little added cost.
  • Micro Cord – This is a great way to add to your bracelet and have extra supplies if needed. This can help with the overall design of the bracelet. You can weave 95 cord or micro cord throughout.
  • Add Color – When you purchase a paracord bracelet, you are more limited on the colors available. By making your own, you can choose colors specific to your needs or even add multiple colors. Overall, the customization options are endless.

For many who are hiking, camping, or outdoors often, the price of a quality paracord bracelet is well worth it as they can be purchased for under $5. However, if you are interested, making them yourself is always an option and the overall costs will be even lower. Overall, this is a low price to pay for a quality survival tool.


As with much survival gear purchased, there is a chance that you will never use the bracelet for its intended purpose, but it is one of the least expensive and most practical survival items available today. For only a few dollars, you can purchase the bracelet to wear when you are outdoors.

Should you ever need the bracelet, it will provide several feet of quality cord that can be used for a plethora of purposes. For many, these bracelets are well worth the costs.