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Here at Ready Lifestyle, our mission is to make sure that you have the right thought process, skills, and equipment to protect yourself and your family during the next major disaster or SHTF event. Regardless of if you're interested in building a bug out bag, finding out how to survive a nuclear attack or looking for the next great survival axe, you can find that information here!

Survival Food Bars: Benefits, Uses, Shelf Life and Ingredients

Survival Food Bars Survival food bars are tempting for a lot of people. They're lightweight, contain a lot of calories and aren't really expensive, but which ones are worth buying? It can be difficult to decide which emergency food ration bar to choose. We'll give you an overview of what…

Best Clothing for Desert Survival (Best Colors and Materials)

Best Clothing for Desert Survival Deserts are one of the most inhospitable climates on Earth! Depending on where you live, getting stuck in the desert can be a very real risk. What is the best clothing for desert survival? Desert survival clothing should be lightweight and cover your body. Use…
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