February 20, 2019

Ready Lifestyle - Prepping, SHTF, Survival, First Aid and Defense

Here at Ready Lifestyle, our mission is to make sure that you have the right thought process, skills, and equipment to protect yourself and your family during the next major disaster or SHTF event. Regardless of if you're interested in building a bug out bag list, finding out how to survive a nuclear attack or looking for the next great survival axe, you can find that information here!

This is just a few of the possible causes of that could occur. Read our other articles to find out more about prepping, SHTF, defense, survival, first aid and more!

  • Top SHTF Firearms
    Defense / Tactics
    Weapons for SHTF If you go looking for the best SHTF weapons online you’ll see a lot of suggestions, many of which don’t make any sense. These other lists include firearms that aren’t common, calibers [...]

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