Recommended First Aid and Medical Gear

Recommended First Aid and Medical Gear

Home First Aid Kit

The first item that everyone should have is a quality first aid kit. The Be Smart Get Prepared First Aid Kit is designed to meet the OSHA and ANSI standards for first aid kits for 100 people. It has everything that you’d need for minor cuts, burns, and other common injuries.

Each item is individually separated into tilt out containers. The rear compartment is designed to hold larger items so if you want to add to the kit, there’s room back there.

Even the case is designed better than normal first aid kits. It can be wall-mounted if you want and the clips on top a sturdy and hold it together without a problem.

Backpack/Bug Out Bag First Aid Kit

There really aren’t a lot of good first aid kits that have an acceptable level of trauma care included in them. When I’m out and about I make that I always have some way to treat severe trauma. You just never know when you may come across a car accident or even need it to treat yourself.

My preferred loadout for when I want a good all-around first aid kit and the ability to treat trauma is the Adventure Medical .5 Kit, the Adventure Medical Trauma Pak, and the SWAT-T Tourniquet. The three together cost just over $50 and give you the ability to treat just about anything you could come across.

You can add a pressure dressing like an Israeli bandage to get even more capability out of your first aid kit.

I’m not really the biggest fan of the SWAT-T but it’s small and has more uses than a traditional tourniquet. It does its job well and it has multiple uses so I carry it over some other types of tourniquets.

Additional First Aid and Medical Items

Disposable Skin Stapler

Having a disposable skin stapler on hand is never a bad idea, especially if you live far from immediate medical attention. This model comes with 55 staples and is sealed in a sterile wrapper.

They’re one-time use so be sure to pick up a few if you’re going to add them to your preps. I’d also suggest getting one extra so you can practice using it before you have to use it for the first time.

Israeli Bandages

Israeli bandages are great! When there’s an open wound that needs a pressure dressing, they’re the go-to bandage. Adding one or two to your first aid kits can make them much more capable.

SAM Splints

You can add SAM Splints to any first aid kits you may have. Being able to have a splint that will work for just about any part of the body it really helpful. I’ve been using SAM Splints for years.

They now make smaller SAM Splints specifically for fingers.

Instant Ice Packs

There are a lot of instant ice packs that are quality and do their jobs perfectly fine. The last ones I bought (Medpride Instant Cold Pack) were perfectly acceptable and since there’s 24 in the box I had enough to add a few to each of my kits.

Nasopharyngeal Airway

A good nasopharyngeal airway allows you to get an airway started when even your patient has severe trauma to the face. It doesn’t happen a lot, but when you need one, there’s literally nothing you can use as a substitute for one.

Trauma Shears

Honestly, just about any trauma sheers will do. I like a pair that’s cheap but strong like these. You’re not going to be using them every day so don’t waste a ton of money on them. Just make sure they’ll work when you need them!

Chest Seals

HyFin Chest Seals are for sealing puncture wounds to the chest where you have a lung puncture or may have a lung puncture. They take the guesswork out of sealing these types of wounds.