How Do You Water A Community Garden Hidden Among High-Rises? With Air Conditioners

How Do You Water A Community Garden Hidden Among High-Rises? With Air Conditioners

This is really interesting and could be a great idea for those that live in the city! I’m sure we’ve all seen pools of condensation from air conditioners before, but how many of you have put that wasted water to use?


Watering a garden with air conditioner condensation.
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Since it sprung to life in May, a group of volunteers has relied on harvested rainwater to bring their plants to life. The group fills up gallons of water across the street at JC Licht True Hardware before transporting them to the garden several times each week, Tamssot said.

Meanwhile, he worked with engineers from Merit School of Music, a music school that sits behind the Sangamon lot, to figure out how to tap into the air conditioning units on the roof and capture their condensate.

Now, the West Loop neighbor’s plan to harvest the condensate from the air conditioners on the school’s roof is coming to life.

Manny Reynoso, a union pipefitter, volunteered to help after hearing about the idea to build a water collection system on Merit’s roof for a community garden.

“When he said what he was doing, I said, ‘I’m your guy. I can help,’” Reynoso remembered.

Reynoso, who lives nearby, has been working with Tamssot and volunteers from the garden to construct a system that will collect the distillate from the eight AC systems on Merit’s roof.

Source: How Do You Water A Community Garden Hidden Among High-Rises? With Air Conditioner Condensation – Block Club Chicago

It doesn’t matter what kind of A/C unit you have, they all have a drain for the condensation that you can make use of. You can either trap the water in a bucket or direct it straight into your garden to slowly drip on your plants.

It may not seem like a lot of water at first, but the condensation coming out of that pipe can add up pretty quickly.

Air Conditioners on a Wall

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