Wicked Edge GO – Should you get one?

If you need to sharpen knives, there are plenty of sharpener systems around that will do the job. The problem is that many of the less expensive ones in the sub $200 range are simply not as comprehensive or as easy to use as they should be.

The Wicked Edge GO is a portable, manual knife sharpener. It clamps the knife in place and holds the angle on both sides of the blade so they can be sharpened at the same time. This speeds up sharpening time and also helps get the perfect edge shape. It’s made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Perhaps the biggest issue is the knife-edge angle, as many less expensive sharpening systems depend on the expertise of the user when it comes to sharpening angles, and this can create too big a margin of error. This is where the Wicked Edge GO differs.

Optimal Blade Edges

It’s important to note that the Wicked Edge GO is certainly not the most expensive sharpening system on the market, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that it’s suboptimal. It solves a variety of problems that many blade enthusiasts face when it comes to sharpening.

Unlike many less expensive and inferior systems, the Wicked Edge GO includes a special vice grip assembly that firmly holds the knife at the right angle. This means that your edges will be optimal and you won’t have the same margin for error as you would with other systems.

Secondly, and by no means least, the angle can actually be adjusted by one-degree increments or decrements. This provides the user with a choice as to the angle of sharpening depending on the blade. This alone is well worth the admission price when it comes to this model.

This also means that you can go back and correct the edges on your other blades if you’ve had to deal with an inferior sharpening system to date. In this context, the Wicked Edge GO makes blade sharpening a relatively easy procedure that’s free of stress.

Wicked Edge GO - Precision Knife Sharpener - with Standard Bag
  • SHARPENS A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF KNIVES. Sharpening angles and knife mounting are perfectly repeatable,...
  • INCLUDES SHARPENING ABRASIVES. Includes: Medium & Coarse 200 Grit / Fine 600 Grit Diamond Stones...
  • CAN BE SET UP FOR LEFT OR RIGHT HAND USE. Easy C-Clamp mounting to any hard surface. Holes in...

Excellent Construction

The one thing that you really want in a sharpening system is durability. If you’ve spent good money, you need to know that it won’t fail. The Wicked Edge GO is made from aluminum and stainless steel, giving it heft, but also ensuring that it’s kept as light as possible. At just over four pounds, it’s not super heavy.

The other thing to note is that it’s a pretty simple system to put together. While some systems seem rather more complex than they need to be, the Wicked Edge GO emphasizes ease of use and ease of construction. This also makes it fairly easy to disassemble should you wish to place it in storage or carry it around in the provided tool bag.

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As purchased, it already includes a medium grit and fine grit stone, but it’s entirely possible to invest in a small upgrade and get extra stones to make up a more complete system should you so desire. Given the affordability of the whole system, investing in extra stones is probably a good idea.

In line with the system’s ease of use, the Wicked Edge GO includes a nice C-clamp that makes it a cinch to attach to a working surface, such as a bench or desk. It’s sturdy and secures well. This, combined with the vice grip for holding knives at just the right adjustable angle, makes it better than most of the less expensive options available.

Flexibility and Compatibility

Given that the system will deal with blades up to 15 inches long and up to 3/8 of an inch in width, this makes it compatible with most regular blade collections. In this sense, the Wicked Edge GO is an excellent investment and will provide excellent service.

Add to this the fact that it’s also compatible with add-ons from the Wicked Edge company, such as chisels, scissors, safety shields, and guiding rods, and you really are investing in a complete and highly flexible sharpening system that is far more superior than less expensive competitors, and even some that are more highly-priced.

The Perfect Solution for the Blade Enthusiast

If you’ve spent lots of money on cheap sharpening systems, but have found them difficult to use, lacking in features, and prone to angle sharpening errors, this should be your system of choice.

This system is not only strong and durable but also takes most of the stress out of blade sharpening due to some clever thinking by Wicked Edge. It’s also a sage lesson to other companies in this area that they really need to up their game and provide more.

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