Trucker’s Wrong Turn Turns Into Four-day, 14-mile Hike for Survival

This is an example of why everyone should have a get home bag in their vehicle. It’s especially important for people who spend a lot of time in their vehicles for work or commuting.

It seems like fitness may have come into play as well since 14 miles on a road should only take a day.

Our article on building a bug out bag would be a good place to look for insight on what to put in a get home bag.

3:11pm PORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon trucker who spent days trying to hike out of a forest after taking a wrong turn says he was determined to make it home to his family.

Jacob Cartwright tells the “Today” show that all the walking left him in so much pain that he was shaking. But come “hell or high water,” he was going back to his wife and kids.

Police say the 22-year-old covered about 14 miles over four days before he turned up dehydrated near the town of La Grande on Saturday. He’s expected to make a complete recovery.

Source: Trucker’s wrong turn turns into four-day, 14-mile hike for survival

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