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Struggle and Survival in War-Torn Yemen – The Face of SHTF

Struggle and Survival in War-Torn Yemen

Fighting has been going on in earnest for the past few years in Yemen. It’s left tens of thousands displaced and struggling. This is yet another part of the world that we, as preppers, can look to for some idea of what a complete collapse of the government can look like.

The politics of the conflict don’t matter, so I won’t address them. What we should be looking at is what people are being forced to deal with.

Security checkpoints have been set up by those who have weapons. Those who are not part of the conflict are subjected to searches regardless of if they agree or not. The area discussed in the article is effectively under martial law.

There are only certain areas in the city providing clean water and the homeless have makeshift shelters in slums and ghettos. Can you imagine how cities would look if there were homeless all over the streets like they are in some Californian cities?

The black market has stepped up to fill the gaps in services. People purchase fuel and other necessities at sky-high prices because there is no other way to reliably get the good that they need.

It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine similar situations occurring in western civilizations.

Struggle and Survival in War-Torn Yemen - The Face of SHTF
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Civilians are struggling to cope with the devastating consequences of the three-year conflict.

In 2015, Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi established his government in the southern city of Aden after being forced by Houthi rebels to flee the capital, Sanaa.

As the threat of the rebels grew, southern forces closed ranks around Hadi to defend the coastal city and other areas in the south with the support of a military coalition led by Saudi Arabia.

Caught in the long-running conflict, civilians keep bearing the brunt. More than 40,000 displaced people, who arrived in Aden from other areas of the war-torn country, scrape by in slums and makeshift desert settlements, abandoned to their own fate.

Source: Struggle and survival in war-torn Yemen | Yemen | Al Jazeera

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