How Can You Survive Getting Stuck in a Riot? (12 tips to keep you safe)

In today’s America, companies like Facebook and Google wield as much (or even more) power as the U.S. government. The one big difference between these super companies and governments is that there are no checks and balances to ensure they don’t abuse their power.

Follow these steps to survive a riot:

  • Avoid the area.
  • Stay calm and move away from the crowd.
  • Keep your family and friends close.
  • Try to blend in with the crowd.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • If you’re in a car and get surrounded, stay calm.
  • Don’t be a hero.
  • Don’t run at the police.
  • Prepare your home or business beforehand.
  • Stay away from large crowds.
  • If you see an open door, go inside.
  • Prepare to be attacked.

What happens when they succeed at dividing the American people? Are you ready for potential social unrest? Do you know how to survive a riot?

Facebook has been on the defensive recently as comments made by two former insiders reignited a firestorm about whether social media, Facebook in particular, has become an increasingly toxic force that tears apart the very fabric of society by turning us into mindless zombies susceptible to the slightest suggestion.

Facebook itself waded into the controversy, summarizing research suggesting that the platform can be both bad and good for our mental health. Stepping back from the hype and hyperbole, is it really the case that social media might truly be a force for evil in our modern world, ripping us apart in ways that undermine the very idea of self-government? Or is it merely a bystander, giving us a new digital window through which to observe the inevitable natural societal change with newfound visibility?

Source: Is Facebook Driving Our Country Apart?

How to Survive a Riot

The forces at work in America today are making it more likely than ever that widespread social unrest may be right around any corner. Follow these 12 tips, and the chances of you making it out relatively unscathed are pretty good.

Survive a Riot

Avoidance is your best bet

Being smart and avoiding social unrest will be the best thing you can do. Keeping an eye on social media is a great way to stay abreast of any possible out-of-control situations.

Stay calm and move away from the crowd

Riots bring intense emotions boiling to the surface, but if you want to survive one you’d be better off keeping your own emotions in check. Your adrenaline and survival instincts will kick in, but strive to think rationally and pursue safety methodically.

Avoid confrontation by keeping your head down.

Walk at all times. If you run or move too quickly, you might attract unwanted attention.

Source: How to Survive a Riot

Getting excited and allowing your emotions to influence your decisions is always bad. Sometimes it’s easier said than done but staying calm will get you far in most disaster situations.

Keep your family and friends close

If you happen to get caught up in a riot and have a loved one with you, you have more to worry about than just yourself. Try to keep them in front of you and within arm’s reach at all times. This will allow you to hold on to them and keep them in sight as you move to a safer area.

Try to blend in with the crowd until you can make an escape

Don’t do anything stupid that’s going to get you arrested, but you want to look like you are part of the crowd. Now is not the time to voice your opinion, or prove some political point. If someone tries engaging you in conversation, mirror what they are saying and let them think you are on their side.

Source: How to Survive a Riot: What to do if you find yourself in the Middle of a Riot

Try to blend in if you can. Not being noticed is often almost as good as not being there. As always, you’re looking for a way to move to a safe area. As soon as you get a chance, calmly make your escape.

Trust your instincts

Today, people are taught that feeling insecure or alert to danger when you’re in a bad part of town is racist or, in some way, reflects poorly on you. Put that out of your head.

We have countless years of instincts working inside us, telling us when a situation is dangerous. Holding all of that back is a couple of hundred years of society making us second guess every feeling.

If you feel like there is the possibility that you’re in danger, then there probably is. Be especially alert at these times!

If you’re in a car and get surrounded, stay calm

If you’re caught up in a car, stay calm.  If your vehicle does become a target, quickly and calmly leave it behind.  Your Toyota is not worth dying for. If people block your escape route, honk your horn, and carefully drive through or around them at a moderate speed, and they should get out of the way. This is a last resort; never put someone else’s life in danger unless they are putting yours there first.

Driving towards police lines can be interpreted by the police as use of a deadly weapon and in the heat of the moment, they may react with deadly force.

Source: 10 Riot Survival Tips for Patriots

If you feel your life is in danger, do whatever you need to keep yourself safe. The quote above suggests leaving your car and walking away. This is a decision that you have to make for yourself.

If people are attacking your car, that indicates they will also be willing to attack you if you get out.

I suggest turning around and driving away if at all possible. It’s going to be very difficult to explain how your life was being threatened if you drove through a crowd at 60 miles an hour and could have turned around.

Don’t try to be a hero

If you see rioters looting and destroying property, don’t try to stop them. You’re outnumbered, and material things can be replaced.

If you see another person in danger, you will have to make a decision. Do you try to intervene? Do you go the other way? Think it through before you make a choice.

Charging in only to become a victim yourself doesn’t help anyone. Walking away when you can save a life could haunt you forever. It’s a difficult choice that everyone will have to make for themselves.

Don’t run at the police

The police are, understandably, on high alert during a large disturbance, even if they aren’t actively stopping the rioting. If you run at the police or make other movements that can be seen as aggressive, you may be mistaken as a threat.

You’re better off not approaching the police unless you need help. When you approach them, ensure you’re as calm as possible and aren’t carrying anything that can be mistaken as a weapon.

A gas mask can protect you from tear gas and pepper spray.

Prepare your home or business beforehand if at all possible

Sometimes riots can start at a moment’s notice; other times, you’ll have a lot of time to prepare.

If you live where some form of social unrest occurs or own a business in the area, you may be tempted to stay and defend your property.

There is no way to secure your home or business enough to keep people out if they are motivated enough. Reinforcing the windows and doors with plywood will at least keep the laziest of rioters out and slow down the motivated ones.

Hiding inside and hoping for the best isn’t going to work very well. You can see pictures from the LA riots, where armed store owners protected their shops from the rooftops. Keep this in mind; they were not working alone. They either joined forces and worked together or brought in friends, family, and employees to assist them.

If you can’t protect the building from the roof or other high ground, you can always use furniture and other heavy objects to slow rioters as they enter the doors. This same technique can funnel rioters into a narrow field of fire if necessary.

Stay away from large moving crowds

If you see an open door, go inside

I don’t care if it’s a bank or a supermarket. If you can’t go home, it’s better to go inside than to stay outside where the blood is spilling. Caveat: it’s likely that the protesters will go inside as well but you’re still better off inside. For one, not all of them are going to go inside. Second, inside you’ve got options:

You can find a back door to get out.

You can go to an upper floor where no one will follow you or possibly even take shelter up on a roof and wait things out up there.

Source: How to Survive and Escape a Riot Without a Scratch

This tip from Secrets of Survival is an option that you should consider. I like the suggestion to head out a back door. Now you’ve added a building between you and the largest part of the rioting, and you’re more likely to be able to get out of the area.

Prepare yourself for an attack.

When talking about self-defense in a riot situation, things get even more difficult. Depending on the size of the crowd, pulling a gun or other defensive weapon can cause far more harm than good. If you’re perceived to be a threat to the riot itself, everyone around you will work to take you down, and you can’t fight everyone.

This is why escape and evasion are the only truly safe ways to avoid a fight in a riot. Now, if you’re currently being attacked, all bets are off. Do whatever you can to survive if you’re actively being attacked, including pulling your gun. Just remember you’re in a crowd and the chances of an innocent being hurt are extremely high. Basically, consider it your very last resort.

Source: How to Survive a Riot

The likelihood of getting into a fight during social unrest is high. Hopefully, you’re in a place that allows you to be armed.

Do whatever you need to defend yourself. Once you’re in a fight, most of the other suggestions go out the door. The one thing that I’d still be conscious of is the presence of police. Not because you should be worried about getting in trouble, but because you could mistakenly become the “bad guy” if all they see is you pulling a weapon to defend yourself.

Try to stay on your feet when you’re facing multiple opponents like this. Going to the ground makes it easy for people to kick and stomp on you.

If you go to the ground, get up as soon as possible and cover your head. If someone manages to knock you out, you’ll be at the mercy of the mob.


Surviving a riot is especially important in today’s social environment!

Try to stay calm and not attract attention to yourself. Get away as soon as possible, and don’t do anything that could accidentally make you a law enforcement target.

Riots are a scary thing that can get out of control quickly, but if you follow these tips, you will be much more likely to make it out of a riot in one piece!

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