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“I’m going to kill everybody!” The Resurgence of Homicidal Preppers

Preppers After a SHTF Event

There are a lot of different ways to approach a post-collapse, grid down, SHTF (whatever you want to call it) environment. Over the past couple of months, I’ve seen a surge in what I call the homicidal prepper. These are the people that claim they are going to hide in their homes and vow to kill everyone that approaches them following a collapse.

The general mindset is “screw everyone else who isn’t my family.” “They should have had the forethought to prep when they had a chance.” “It’s not my fault their kids are starving.” “It’s not my problem and if they try to come near me when they are a threat.”

This is a flawed way to approach a collapse.

The entire thought process is deeply disturbing to me and flawed on so many levels. It shows a lack of general human compassion, no understanding of sociology and a complete ignorance of tactics.

Where’s your humanity?

Homicidal Preppers

I know that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if the kids next door were starving while I was sitting on a year of food. I honestly believe most of the people that claim they would act that way would change their minds. At least I hope so! Anyone that would act like this need to take a long hard look at themselves and make some changes.

What is more important following a collapse? Having a year of food for your family or having six months of food for two families working together to provide security, work a farm, build, carry water and everything else you’re going to need to do. What if another family shows up? Now you have three families with four months of food and more bodies to do the work. That’s the beginning of a community.

Get a basic understanding of sociology.

People band together for security and to spread the workload. They always have and they always will. Humans have a need to interact with one another and feel like they are part of a group. This goes beyond just having a family, it extends to the larger community. It’s how we’re programmed at the most basic level.

In almost every post-collapse scenario, people are going to continue to group together. This group is going to have some kind of leader or leaders (regardless of if it’s a formal leader or not) and they are going to have either formal or informal rules. It doesn’t matter if they’ve grouped up to protect themselves from another group or if they are the group everyone is afraid of. There will be groups of people out there working together and they are not going to stand for a single family that is killing everyone that approaches their house.mobs will overthrow your position with sheer numbers

Think about your (lack of) tactics.

home defense cannot happen from inside the homeThese homicidal preppers believe that they will somehow be able to defend their homes from the front door (a common misconception that preppers have). Anyone that understands tactics, understands that you cannot fight from your home. You need to have people out in the space surrounding your home so you can observe or intercept potential threats before they get to your family and supplies. If these preppers try to fight from their home with just a husband, wife, and a couple kids, they’re going to quickly find themselves overrun or just simply being burned out of that house.

This mindset isn’t going to work in my opinion. I’m not even saying that a single family couldn’t survive following a collapse. What I am saying is if you believe that you’re just going to kill everyone that comes near you while you watch everyone in the area suffer, then you’re going to be in for a quick and violent lesson when there is a collapse.


I hope this article got you thinking about how you would handle these situations.

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  1. This is written by a person that will not survive long in the post apocalyptic world. You are a fool and your family and you will probably be among the first wave of deaths to occur after the main event. I hope your compassion is comforting while you watch your family be looted and murdered, or sold into slavery or raped by a gang, right in front of your eyes. Get a clue, it’s eat or be eaten. You had better hope someone like me doesn’t live close to you, and knows of your weakness.

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