Prepping 2018: Are You Ready For Grid Down Survival?

Survival in 2018

Prepping 2018: Are You Ready For Grid Down Survival?

What are your plans for preparedness in 2018? We all have something that we can do to be more prepared. Don’t fall into the procrastination trap.

What are your plans if happen to encounter chemicals in a disaster?

I feel the likelihood of us encountering chemical weapons is almost non-existent, but the chances of us encountering chemicals and toxins used in manufacturing are very high. That’s why I recommend picking up an Emergency Response Guide (download the PDF here). It covers everything from identifying different types of chemicals to what to expect if you’re exposed to different chemicals to how to the type of protection and decon needed.

It’s designed for first responders but it’s a great resource for anyone. The PDF is free and you can pick up a hard copy for about $5.

This video from DropForgedSurvival covers a lot of topics and it takes a pretty good look at some ideas for dealing with chemical exposure following a SHTF. I haven’t seen a lot of the products they talk about so it’s worth taking a look.

Ready for a Grid Down

Head over and subscribe to DropForgedSurvival when you get a chance.

Be sure to check out our gear page for other prepping gear ideas.

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