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Preparedness is a very broad subject. These articles cover everything from urban, suburban and rural prepping, survival, to emergency management concepts and disaster preparedness. We believe that being prepared is everyone’s responsibility. To that end, we aim to provide worthwhile articles that will aid our readers in being as prepared as possible for any SHTF or future catastrophic event. It may be impossible to be ready for every event that could occur, but it is possible to be prepared enough to survive just about anything. Keep reading to find out more about water storage, food storage, homesteading, surviving natural disasters and a whole host of other topics! Check our other categories to find our most recent articles about prepping, SHTF, defense, gear, and first aid.

6 Worst Waterborne Diseases in the United States

Worst Waterborne Diseases Worldwide, waterborne diseases consistently rank among the top killers each year. Here in the United States, the risk of contracting a waterborne illness is much lower, but it’s still a possibility. Keep in mind that this article is discussing the worst waterborne diseases in the United States in its current condition, functioning …

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6 Worst Waterborne Diseases in the United States
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