Debt is America's number one nation security threat

The National Debt Is Now America’s Greatest Security Threat

The National Debt Is Now America’s Greatest Security Threat

The national debt is somewhere around $22 Trillion. Many people, including Congress, don’t seem to understand why this is so horrible.

For many, $22 Trillion is just a made up number. It really is hard to imagine an amount of cash that large so it makes it easier to ignore. I mean a billion is only a little more than a million and a trillion is just a little more than a billion…right?

I’ve also heard people say that the debt is just a made up number and doesn’t matter. If we never pay it back who cares?

I’ll try to make it as easy to see as I can. Right now a huge amount of cash every year goes to paying the interest on that debt. That means that there is that much less money that we can use each year for things like defense, infrastructure, agriculture, a border wall, insert whatever is important to you.

As money for things like defense decline, so does America’s status in the world. What do you think our enemies would do if America was suddenly seen as weak militarily? This would also have a negative impact on our ability to intervene in the world through military or diplomatic means. I’d like to see less of a globalist stance from our government, but I want it to occur on our terms not because we have to.

What happens if the world sees the U.S. as weak? It’s easy to imagine what our enemies may do. What about our allies?

In areas of the world where war is always just a matter of moments away, America’s strength often keeps war at bay. Our allies in these regions aren’t necessarily the best people in the world and may do any number of things in the wake of U.S. weakness. Increase weapons production, develop nuclear weapons or further their nuclear weapons production, acquire the ability to produce chemical and biological weapons, and on and on.

The so-called “economy” in America may flourish during times of war but the American people thrive during peace. A strong America results in a lot less conflict than you’d have with a weak America.

Just my 2 cents.

The National Debt Is Now America's Greatest Security Threat
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Congress recently fired a shot across the bow of the Pentagon. The Defense Department was warned that it better take advantage of the two-year budget boost in defense spending because lean years are coming.

The U.S. now has to grapple with a $21 trillion national debt. Budget deficits are returning to the $1 trillion annual levels.

Entitlement programs, specifically Social Security (24 percent of federal spending), Medicare (17 percent) and Medicaid (9 percent) account for half of all federal spending. If you factor in rising healthcare costs and interest on the debt as noted by the CBO, these numbers represent almost 70 percent of all federal spending.

In the years ahead, the combination of an aging population and rising healthcare costs will overwhelm federal spending. Entitlement programs are badly underfunded and put a strain on the federal budget.

The real culprit is Washington’s voracious spending habits. Unfortunately, reforming federal spending always falls on deaf ears by both Republicans and Democrats. Neither party wants to seriously tackle the real threat to U.S. national security — the enormous national debt.

Source: The National Debt and How It’s Become America’s Greatest Security Threat

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