Tens of millions were without power in South America and there is no explanation for what caused the blackout.

Massive Blackout Strikes South America

Massive Blackout Strikes South America

Tens of millions were without power in South America and there is no explanation for what caused the blackout.

Argentina, Uraguay and Paraguay were all struck by the power outage. Blackouts of this size aren’t common at all and they cause massive economic impacts and put those that rely on power to keep life-saving equipment running at risk.

The Argentine Energy Secretary is promising that it won’t happen again, but they don’t know what even caused the event. There is talk of a possible cyber attack but they believe the chances of that are very unlikely.

The loss of power caused trains and subways to come to a halt, internet and phone connections to cease and forced shop owners to close their doors.

This is just a sample of why you should know how to build an urban survival shelter and always carry a lighter!

All of this was supposedly caused (barring further investigation) when a system that should have interrupted a power surge failed.

This is just a small sample of what could be expected following an attack on the power grid or an EMP.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (AP) — The huge blackout that left tens of millions of people in the dark in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay over the weekend raised serious questions about the vulnerability of the power grid in South America and brought criticism down on Argentina’s leader.

President Mauricio Macri promised a thorough investigation into the cause of what he called an unprecedented outage. Energy officials said the findings would not be available for 10 to 15 days, and they had no immediate estimate of the economic damage from Sunday’s 14-hour power failure.

“This is an extraordinary event that should have never happened,” said Argentine Energy Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui. “It’s very serious. We can’t leave the whole country all of a sudden without electricity.”

He vowed: “There is zero chance that this will repeat itself. It can’t repeat itself.”

While the precise cause has yet to be established, the blackout originated at a transmission point between two power stations in the country’s northeast “when the system was getting too much power,” Lopetegui said. A chain of events then caused a total disruption, he said.

Source: AP

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Massive Blackout Strikes South America

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