Kershaw Leek – What’s Good, What’s Bad and Why You Should Get One

Kershaw Leek Review

The Kershaw Leek is a blade designed for EDC. Its slim profile makes it perfect to slip in a pocket and its blade is razor-sharp and suitable for a wide range of tasks.

The Kershaw Leek is a slim design, high-performance, assisted opening, folding knife. It features Sandvik 14C28N blade steel and a 410 stainless steel handle. The blade is a modified drop-point with a slim tip for improved piercing capabilities.

  • Open Length: 7″
  • Closed Length: 4″
  • Blade Length: 3″
  • Weight: 3 oz.

Who Should be Interested

The Kershaw Leek looks great during everyday tasks or during hard use. It’s not every day that you can find a knife that looks this good, holds a razor edge, and is designed by one of the legends of the knife world, Ken Onion.

If you want something that looks as good in the office as it does the trail, then you should seriously consider the Leek.

Kershaw Leek Pocket Knife (1660) 3-In. Sandvik 14C28N Blade and Stainless Steel Handle, Best Buy from Outdoor Gear Lab Includes Frame Lock, SpeedSafe Assisted Opening and Reversible Pocketclip, 3 oz.
  • Versatile 3 inch blade made with Sandvik 14C28N Steel, one of the highest performing knife steels in...
  • 410 stainless steel alloy handle provides resistance to corrosion and extra strength and hardness
  • Frame lock gives the knife a slim sleek style while holding the blade open during use; tip lock...
  • SpeedSafe Assisted opening allows opening with Minimal effort and maximal functionality; simple...
  • Blade length: 3 inches; Closed length: 4 inches; Open length: 7 inches; Weight: 3 oz.


The Leek’s blade is 3″ long and made of Sandvik 14C28N steel. This allows it to hold a sharp edge without being overly difficult to manufacture or sharpen. The blade can be found in a half-serrated version in some stores.

Closed, the knife measure 4″ long and open it is 7″ long.

The knife opens with the assistance of Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism and locks open securely with the use of a liner lock.

The Leek can be worn in a tip-down or tip-up configuration but only has provisions for a clip on one side of the handle.

There’s a lanyard hole at the end of the handle if you’re into that kind of thing.

The handle is made of steel and the knife weighs right around 3 ozs.


Much like the Gerber FastBall, the Leek is quick flipper that is super smooth and easy to deploy thanks to the SpeedSafe assist.

We really like the feel of the flipper. It protrudes enough to never feel too small but it’s small enough not to bother you in the pocket.

The Sandvik 14C28N steel used in the blade is a great choice by Kershaw. It’s in between high-quality steel and lesser, medium quality steel, which means you get a lot of performance without the massive price tag.

The blade and handle are designed for corrosion resistance.

There is a wide variety of variants of the Kershaw Leek available meaning you can probably find just the right color combo for you!

The Leek is 100% American made, unlike some other blade made by Kershaw.


The most obvious weakness of the Leek is the thin tip of the blade. Some people have broken the tip off with just a little bit of prying. This means that the Leek isn’t the right tool for any kind of prying.

Having the ability to only attach the clip to one side of the knife is a little bit of a letdown for lefties. It keeps the handle looking smooth and clean on the left side, but it does limit the different ways that you can carry it.

Related Questions

Is the Kershaw Leek made in USA?

The Kershaw Leek is completely made in the USA.

Is the Kershaw Leek a good EDC knife?

The Leek is great for EDC. Its blade shape is somewhat unique so it can be a good conversation starter. Its size is great because it’s big enough to be useful for a wide variety of tasks and small enough that people won’t look at you like you’re crazy if you pull it out in the office.

Is Sandvik 14c28n steel any good?

Most people consider Sandvik 14c28n steel to be good for knife blades. It holds an edge well, has a high hardness and is relatively resistant to corrosion.

Is Kershaw a good knife brand?

I like Kershaw because they make knives that are less expensive and provide a great value compared to some other knife brands. They tend to use less expensive blade steels as a way to get the price down, but the overall build quality is usually great.

Where are Kershaw knives made?

Kershaw knives are made in the U.S., Japan, and China.

Will Kershaw replace a broken blade?

Kershaw will replace any blade on their folding knives for $10. Just send them the knife and they’ll return it with a new blade and in working order.

They won’t do this for discontinued knives or for special or limited knives.


The Kershaw Leek is an EDC knife for those that need a knife that looks as good as it functions. The lockup is sturdy and strong and the SpeedSafe assist makes it feel great when you pop the blade out.

Other than the slightly delicate blade tip, it’s difficult to find a lot of fault with this knife.

I never hesitate to recommend the Leek when someone asks me about it. It a very good all-rounder and the price won’t break the bank.

If the Kershaw Leek doesn’t appeal to you, you should check out the Benchmade Griptilian.