What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Looks Like – A Peek at Economic Collapse

Venezuelan Inflation

What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Looks Like – A Peek at Economic Collapse

You’ll probably notice that we keep highlighting articles like this from theorganicprepper.com. Their examination of the events in Venezuela is something that we feel everyone should take a look at.

It’s important that we, as preppers or those who want to be prepared, understand what is going on in the world. First, it gives us real-world examples of how certain events can cause countries to crumble. Second, it makes us aware of world events that could possibly cause a negative impact to us.

Inflation in Venezuela
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One of the most amazing things I have seen is that people are in total denial, and they refuse to accept that the money is not worth even the paper it is printed on. They won’t innovate changing to cryptos easily, nor will they accept silver coins, much less other precious metals. They won’t barter, they won’t trade their labor time (I mean major cities, in my small town things are a little different). We had a good supply of silver coins in the 60s, but that changed.

They talk and talk, complaining about the government, but they just don’t do anything. I have seen some small plots in our subdivision with tomatoes plants and other vegetables, but that is just a salad for one lunch. And the people passing by will take whatever is within their hand’s reach.

The main problem arises because it is the military taking over the supply chain. They have an agreement with the gangs, and they deviate the production of the plants that are under military control, to the street sales. The gangs are armed, and they protect the retail sellers from thieves and turmoil. This is in the most populated cities, where the money is, and therefore the products don’t make it so often up to the smaller towns.

Source: What Hyperinflation in Venezuela Really Looks Like – The Organic Prepper

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