The Hawaii Missile False Alarm – What Would You Do In This Situation?

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The Hawaii Missile False Alarm

By now, everyone has probably heard of the accidental alert that notified Hawaii of an inbound ballistic missile. Following the alert, there were no new notifications until 38 long minutes later when Hawaiian emergency managers finally sent the notification that it was a false alarm.

The incident could have been more disastrous than it was, but it still sent thousands into a panic. Cars sped along roadways to try to get home, stores closed their doors while their owners sought some kind of shelter, and there’s even video of parents lowering their children into manholes in an attempt to protect them from the blast.

Surviving a nuclear attack
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We’ve already covered the topic of surviving a nuclear attack in depth, but there is always something to learn from events like these. What would you do if you were visiting Hawaii and received a notification like this on your phone? You don’t have access to any of your preps. The plans that you’ve thought out so well don’t apply to the location that you’re in. It’s really a worst case scenario for a prepper.

The main thing that you can do in this situation is to get inside as soon as possible, move to inner rooms that don’t have a wall against the exterior of the building or try to get underground in a basement or similar structure. It’s not a good scenario by any means, but doing that will provide the most shelter from radiation that you can get given what you have at your disposal.

The video below is from the Viking Preparedness channel over on youtube. Joe Fox is a retired Special Forces officer who lives off-grid in the Ozarks. He brings his unique experiences to prepping and preparedness and is one of our favorite YouTube channels.

Hawaii Missile Alert

He doesn’t really pitch himself all that often, but most of his videos and blog posts are now on Patreon (because YouTube pretty much instantly demonetizes any prepping video these days). For $1 a month you get access to almost all of his videos and for $3 a month, you get even more access. That’s a lot of information for $3. We’ve been subscribers to his Patreon channel since he first got started and it never disappoints.

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