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Gerber Crisis Hook Knife – Razor Sharp and Ready for Emergencies and First Responders

Gerber Crisis Hook Review

The Gerber Crisis Hook Knife is an ultralight hook knife designed from the ground up for emergency situations. The blade is protected from making contact with flesh when it’s being used to cut clothing, seatbelts, cords, flex-cuffs, or anything else you may need to get through in an emergency situation.

The opposite end of the knife is designed to function as a glass breaker and can also be used as a lanyard and there’s also an O2 tank wrench incorporated into the knife.

Gerber Crisis Hook Knife











  • The size and rubberized grip make it feel great in the hand.
  • The blade is razor sharp out of the box.
  • Cutting straps and seat belts is a breeze.


  • Limited uses beyond cutting certain types of objects and materials.
  • The friction sheath holds the knife a little too tight.
  • Attaching the sheath to anything other than MOLLE webbing is a pain.

Who Should be Interested in the Gerber Crisis Hook Knife?

Our review showed that it is designed for those citizens and first responders that could come in contact with the injured in mind. I like it as an emergency extraction tool for the inside of my vehicle.

Gerber Crisis Hook


The Gerber Crisis Hook comes in at a light 3.0 ozs. even though its overall length is 8.1″. The “blade” (entire exposed metal portion) is 2.9″.

The handle consists of a textured rubber material that really adds to the comfort and feel of the knife in the hand. The blade is 420HC stainless steel.

Added features on the knife can be found on the back of the hand in the form of a glass breaker pommel with a lanyard hole. There is also an O2 wrench just forward of the handle in the blade area.

Gerber Crisis Window Breaker

A single bevel cutting edge is protected by a blunt hook to prevent cutting anything that you want to remain in one piece.

Finally, the Gerber Crisis Hook comes with a plastic friction sheath that can attach to MOLLE gear with a plastic strap.


The larger size of the Gerber Crisis Hook Knife makes it easier to handle than many of the other emergency strap cutting knives out there. In testing, it did a great job cutting through belts, clothing, wiring, and zip ties. This makes me believe that it would have no problem cutting plate carrier straps and seatbelts, as well as boots and shoelaces.

Basically, anything that may be covering a wound or trapping someone in a vehicle shouldn’t be a problem for this knife.

Gerber Crisis Hook Review

Hanging on to the knife is really easy with the Crisis Hook Knife’s rubberized handle and overall size. It fits really well in the hand especially if you compare it to similar knives.


The Crisis Hook Knife has a lot going for it, but it also has some things working against it.

It’s really designed to be attached to a plate carrier or bag with MOLLE straps. Getting the friction sheath attached to anything that doesn’t have a MOLLE attachment can be interesting. I’m sure some creative use of zip ties would fix this.


Gerber Crisis Hook Friction Sheath


The other problem with the friction sheath is that it holds a little too tight for me. The good thing is it definitely isn’t going to fall out so you could attach the knife in a handle down attitude and not worry about it coming free.

My last complaint with the knife is that it’s a very niche piece of gear so it’s a little too expensive in my mind for what it does.

Gerber Crisis Knife


The Gerber Crisis Hook Knife is a great tool if you want something to put on your bag or body armor so you can easily access a wound or egress a vehicle.

It would also be great to mount near the driver in your vehicle. I have mine tucked away under the dashboard with some high strength velcro just in case.

Did our Crisis Hook Knife review help you make a decision before you made a purchase? Let us know in the comments.

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