‘Preppers’ Gearing Up For Cataclysm – The Global Prepper Phenomena Continues

Prepping in UK

The Global Prepper Phenomena Continues

The worldwide increase in those of the preparedness mindset is continuing, and for good reason. Check out this article from the Guardian for a look at prepping through the eyes of your average person from the UK.

It’s always a good idea to know if the media is going to spin preppers in a good light or as crazy whack jobs.

The Global Prepper Phenomena ContinuesSnowstorm, financial crash, nuclear war – would you be ready? We meet the survivalists prepared for catastophe. Midway through December, while temperatures in the UK plummeted, heaps of snow drove transport services into a frenzy and schools into closure. Water supplies froze. Medical assistance slowed, threatening genuine peril. People began to store fuel. Across the Midlands, families were left without power – no electricity, no heat – in some instances overnight. For those of us safely tucked away indoors, or unaffected by the weather, the news could be shocking. It also brought to mind an unnerving question: would you be ready if calamity struck?

The answer for most of us is no, not really. We tend to think of disaster as something that happens to others. But a growing number of people around the UK – preppers or survivalists, in the parlance – are quietly gearing up for the worst. They’re filling pantries with supplies in case their local food chains disintegrate, storing thermals in their cars in the event that they break down in a snowstorm, packing “go-bags” with a collection of bare necessities – water, food, medicine, perhaps a portable stove – supposing they need to leave home in a hurry. If catastrophe were to strike, the thinking goes, a preparatory head-start might well be life-saving. Worst case scenario: the ‘preppers’ gearing up for cataclysm

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