How do you make garlic tincture_

How Do You Make Garlic Tincture – Its Recipe and Uses

How Do You Make Garlic Tincture?

Any survival kit needs to have some garlic tincture, or at the very least, a recipe for it. Garlic tinctures can go a long, long way for survival, no matter if you are camping out in the middle of nowhere, or you find yourself lost in the woods. Historically, garlic tinctures have been believed to have antibiotic effects.

Of course, they aren’t going to be as effective or efficient as the stuff you can get at the doctor, but when it comes to survival, having a is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. You should make the garlic tincture at home first (and it will take a little while to complete), and it is incredibly easy to make once you know what you are doing.

Garlic Tincture

The Historical Use of Garlic Tincture

Back before modern medicine was even a concept, garlic tinctures were used in a number of ways. The most common usage was as an antibiotic. In the days of the pioneers, they would use the garlic tincture for ailments such as the flu, colds, high blood pressure, strep throat, viruses, skin infections, and several other ailments.

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Keep in mind that it might not be extremely effective for these ailments, but at the same time, the pioneers continued using this tincture, so there were some positive results.

When you plan on taking the garlic tincture, there are some things you should keep in mind. First, if you take too much, you can feel dizzy, nauseated, and you can sweat excessively. If you have an anti-coagulation disorder or are on blood-thinning medicines, you should think twice about using this tincture.

This Garlic Tincture comes highly recommended!

For women, it can also cause menstrual changes. As with anything you ingest for medicinal use, you should always make sure that your healthcare provider approves of it first.

With this in mind, now you can begin making some garlic tincture to take along with you next time you go on a survival trip.

How do you make Garlic Tincture


What Do You Need?

Of course, you are going to need garlic! You should have enough garlic bulbs to create one cup of chopped garlic. Additionally, you will need two cups of one of the following:

  • Distilled water
  • Pure grain alcohol
  • Vodka
  • White rum
  • White whiskey
  • Unfiltered organic vinegar

All of these liquids have the same properties that you need for the garlic tincture, and it is up to you which one you want to choose. However, you will just need to make sure that you have two cups of it.

You will also need some equipment as well. A blender works wonderfully for the garlic bulbs, although you can also use a mortar and pestle if you want.

You will need a strainer, a funnel, a spoon, and a mason jar. In addition to the mason jar, you will also want to have another jar that you can take along with you on your survival trips.

how do you make garlic tincture



How Do You Make Garlic Tincture?

First, you will either want to use the mortar and pestle or the blender to chop the garlic bulbs. Go through enough garlic bulbs until you have at least one cup of garlic. Once you have this cup of garlic, you will want to add the liquid that you chose earlier to the garlic.

Once you have this mixture, you will want to pour it into a clean glass jar. After everything has been transferred to this jar, you will want to find a way to write the date on the jar. Now comes the waiting.

You will have to let the tincture rest for about two to three weeks. Every day, you should shake the jar up a little bit. Eventually, three weeks will pass and you can finish making the tincture.

Using the strainer, you will want to strain the garlic from the liquid. With all the garlic on the strainer, use a spoon to press down on the garlic as much as you can so that you can get all the liquid out of the strainer. Now, you can just transfer the liquid into a container of your choosing, and it will be ready to use.

If you plan on waiting a bit before using the tincture, you should keep in mind that, as long as you store it in a cool, dark place, it can be stored for up to a year. Depending on how well you store it, it can last longer than a year.

If you do plan on storing it, there are a few things to look out for. If the liquid begins turning gray or green, get rid of it and make a new batch. However, now you have some antibiotic garlic tincture that you can use whenever you are out in the wild.

Garlic Tincture
Garlic Tincture
Garlic Tincture
Today, we’re making a garlic tincture, and in a minute I’ll show you how.One of God’s greatest medicinal gifts that can be found on this earth is garlic or Allium sativum. It has been used as a natural remedy for thousands of years and is one of the easiest herbs to grow.Garlic has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It is also an excellent antioxidant, an immune-stimulant, and an anti-inflammatory agent across all body systems.Garlic is clearly able to lower our blood triglycerides and total cholesterol, even though this reduction can be moderate (5-15%).


Up until the early 50s, the home medicine chest was comprised of locally grown herbs and plants. Almost every village or small town had a midwife or herbal healer who had a vast working knowledge of these plants and their use in healing. Common medicinal herbs were certainly a part of a home garden or landscape.


This tincture has a vast number of reported health benefits.

Externally, it can be used for the treatment of viral skin infections, wounds or ulcers.

Internally, in the old days, it was a common remedy for flu and colds, viruses, strep, worms, high blood pressure, kidney and bladder problems and respiratory ailments.

Put Garlic Tincture In Your Medicine Chest~ A DIY Home Remedy. Freshly harvested garlic bulbs

Garlic was successfully used to fend off the plague and anthrax, and when bird-flu was going around in Asia, they found that the country with high diet of garlic, had no incidents whatsoever.

This is directly attributed to the sulfur-containing allicins, which are so abundant in this potent herb. It can be used as a natural mosquito repellent and works so well in my Vinegar of the Four Thieves.

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