Free Survival Supplies

free survival gear

Free Survival Supplies

One of the latest marketing techniques is to give away a free item with the hopes that the person who takes advantage of the free offer will become a long-term customer. Normally the company asks that the customer pays for the shipping costs. These usually run somewhere between $3 and $5.

Most of the offers below are structured in a similar way. You pay the shipping for a free piece of gear or training and the company hopes that you’ll become a long-term customer. If you like their products then feel free to become a customer. If not, at least take advantage of the free offers.

We’ll add to these offers as we find them or more become available.

Free Survival Kits

Ape Survival Survival Grenade – Typical “survival grenade”. Contains 15 items. The best use for these is to simply clip it on a bag until you need it.

Paracord Survival Kit – Another “survival grenade”. 10 items wrapped in 9 feet of paracord.

Free Tools

EDT Mini 7-in-1 Multi Tool – A 7 in 1 multitool for every day carry. Ideal for throwing in the glove box or in a survival kit just in case.

Strikepen – LED flashlight, pen, tungsten striker point and two interchangeable tools.

Survival Business Card – Typical survival card. Contains 11 tools.

Credit Card Knife – This is an interesting little knife that folds up and hides away in a wallet. It isn’t practical for everyday use but it could come through in a pinch.

Knife Card – Another folding concealable credit card knife.

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight – Another LED flashlight. Aluminum body with beveled edge for striking. Comes with a lanyard.

Rescuecard – One of the better looking survival cards. Contains 14 tools.

Free Flashlights

Q5 TacLite – Uses a new Q5 CREE LED emitter to throw light up to 1100 feet. It uses a single AA battery, has an aluminum body and pocket clip. Great as a back up EDC flashlight or to put in the car.

J5 Tactical Flashlight – LED flashlight outputs 250 lumens with aluminum body and pocket clip. Another great back up light for the house or the car.

Hybeam Micro Tactical Flashlight – Very small, water resistant, and easily slips into the pocket. Aluminum body with a pocket clip.

Free Emergency Fire Starters

Fire Laces – Shoe laces that double as a fire starter.

Everstrkye Match – Contains a ferro rod, wick and fuel for more than 15,000 strikes. Limit 10 per household.

FireKable Paracord Bracelet – 80 feet of usable cordage with a ferro rod.

Everstryke Waterproof Lighter – Usable for 15,000 strikes. Sealed to prevent leakage of fuel.

Optic Fire Starter – A simple, yet often overlooked fire starter. Magnifies the sun to light tinder quickly.

Free Preparedness Books, Videos, and Training

The Doomsday Medicine Chest – Alternative medicine handbook for post collapse survivors.

Miscellaneous Free Survival Items

Armor.1 RFID Blocker – 5 pack of RFID blockers to prevent scanning of credit cards and chipped ID cards.

RFID Blocker – Blocks scanning of credit cards and chipped cards. Each one holds two cards.

Valois SSD-90 Tactical Knife Belt – A web belt with a concealed knife in the buckle. Adjustable from 24 to 52 inches.

Emergency Survival Blanket – Typical mylar blanket. Good for throwing in a bug out bag, car, boat or backpack.

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