How to Build a Grey-water Storage and Filtration System

How to Build a Grey-water Storage and Filtration System

This 15-minute video gives a complete rundown of a grey-water filtration and storage system built by Rob Goodison.

With the threat of Cape Town, South Africa becoming the first major city in the world to completely run out of water, he decided to start re-using the grey-water that his 5 person family produced. This is the result of his experimentation to date.

Below is the list of materials he used:

1) 7 x 200 litre drums 2) 1 x 100 litre drum 3) 1 x roll of 25mm class 3 black plastic pipe  4) 2 x 3500 litre pond pumps 5) 1 x 2500 litre pond pump 6) 2 x float switches 7) 8 x bags of pool sand 8) 80kg of crushed charcoal 9) 2 x lengths of 40mm PVC pipe 10) 10 x PVC elbows 11) 40mm drum flanges 12) Marine silicon 13) Water filters

Source: How to build a greywater storage system that saves every single drop

Grey water storage

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