Benefits of Starting a Homestead

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Homestead? (Top 5 Tips)

Benefits of Starting a Homestead

There are many benefits of starting a homestead now when civilization is still functioning as we know it. The homesteading movement has been increasing in popularity for close to a decade. Now, there is no shortage of YouTube channels being made by families that are getting into homesteading.

As more and more people move toward this lifestyle, they’re happily sharing the benefits of starting a homestead.

You’ll Have Plenty of Food

The main benefit of starting a homestead now is the fact that you’ll have plenty of food if a SHTF event kicks off.

When SHTF, there are going to be upon thousands and thousands of people that die from starvation. Luckily, reducing starvation is a huge emergency that your homestead will protect you from.

You can use your livestock for beef, pork, chicken, and dairy. Livestock is extremely important to have because you will not be able to run to the grocery store to grab meat for your family. You can just walk outside on your homestead and be able to provide your family and yourself an ample of delicious meat.

Source: Here’s Why all Preppers Should Start Homesteading

It Gives You Freedom

When you start a homestead, you’re much less susceptible to the daily changes that affect normal households.

We homesteaders tend to be an independent bunch, and our self-sufficient tendencies are usually the primary factors leading us down this unconventional path. Homesteading can provide freedom from a centralized food supply and even freedom from the power grid, if you choose that route. When people start complaining about the rising prices of dairy products? I simply grin and give our milk cow an extra flake of hay and a pat on the head. When the news starts chattering about how beef prices will skyrocket? I feel secure knowing we have two steers out in the pasture, and one in the freezer. And this increased measure of freedom from the price-hikes at the grocery store makes this wildly-independent homesteader girl’s heart happy.

Source: 7 Reasons to Start Homesteading Today

Homesteading Helps You Focus on the Little Things

Today, it is easy to get lost in the never-ending flow of news and other worldwide events that hammer us from every side. The TV, our phones, and our computers pull us away from what ‘s important in life.

As a homesteader, one quickly realizes just how small one is and how finite life is. For any homesteader, mistakes will be overwhelming. Animals will die. Crops will be ruined. Structures fall down. Plans fall through. It’s humbling to attempt and tame a piece of this Earth, only to have it implode time after time. Which – hear me now – it will. The chickens may be eaten by an owl or the cow may stick her food in the milk bucket – but regardless of the failings that will inevitable come, homesteading continues. So while it may be an extremely humbling road to wander down, the perseverance bred through the humbling failures is not to be missed. It’s character building, don’t you think? To fail, recognize one’s inability to control life, pray for grace, and then continue on.

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There May be Tax Benefits

You could be eligible to deduct thousands of dollars off of your property taxes!

A homeowner’s understanding when it comes to homesteading her property most often has to do with the property-tax exemption. Generally, this advantage of homesteading pertains to shielding a portion of a home’s value from property taxes. Often, a typical homesteading advantage is that it’ll exempt the first $25,000 to $75,000 of a home’s assessed value from all property taxes. With a $50,000 homesteading exemption, you’ll only owe property taxes on the home’s remaining assessed value.

Source: What Are the Advantages of Homesteading Your Property?

It Improves Your Work Ethic

Just giving it 50% could mean death for your animals or your plants. The burden of having to maintain all of those things has the benefit of improving your day to day work ethic.

Survival is the most influential motivation for building a great work ether.  Knowing that you won’t survive if you kick back and relax will get you moving every time

The fact that most homesteaders can’t just go out and buy food or equipment because they failed to take care of it properly is also a huge motivator.  If there is no other option but success, then you are much more likely to succeed.  This is often referred to as “the power of broke”.

You need to go at everything you do on your homestead with a great work ethic.  Giving the garden 60% might give you just enough food to survive the winter, but you will wish you gave it 100% when a shelf falls and smashes 20 jars of canned beans.  Even if you don’t end up needing that extra produce, selling produce is one of the best ways to make money on a homestead!

Source: 5 Most Liberating Benefits To Living On A Homestead

Starting a Homestead Conclusion

In the end, starting a homestead has many benefits. The biggest one in my mind is just being much less susceptible to an SHTF event. If you already have a functioning homestead when some kind of societal collapse occurs, then you’re well ahead of the rest of the population.

Do you have some other benefits of starting a homestead that you’d like to share with our readers? Leave them in a comment below.

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