The Argument Against Open Carry – Man Kills 3 In Belgian City After Seizing Police Weapons

The Argument Against Open Carry

Open carry should be a choice that all of us have available to us, as should concealed carry. The real question is should you open carry? As this recent incident in Belgium shows us, open carrying can make you a target of an otherwise unarmed criminal. (At least a criminal not armed with a firearm.)

I always conceal carry for this specific reason. I don’t like to broadcast that I am armed, and I certainly don’t want to become a target of some madman that may stab me in the back just to get my pistol.

Luckily, these incidents aren’t really all that common so it really doesn’t matter all that much if you open carry or conceal carry. The most important thing is that you have a firearm with you whenever it is legal to do so.

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The more good guys we have with guns, the better we can all sleep at night!

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A knife-wielding man stabbed two police officers Tuesday in the Belgian city of Liege, stole their weapons and shot them and a bystander dead.

The attacker, who was later killed by police, was an inmate who had been granted a few hours release Monday but failed to return to prison, officials said. It wasn’t immediately clear why he was imprisoned, but media reports say that he’s a known drug offender.

Liege prosecutors’ spokesman Philippe Dulieu said the man approached two police officers from behind carrying a knife and stabbed them several times.

“He then took their weapons. He used the weapons on the officers, who died,” Dulieu told reporters.

Dulieu said the attacker then shot dead a 22-year-old man in a vehicle that was just leaving a parking place outside a nearby high school. The attacker then took a woman hostage inside the school.

Source: Man Kills 3 In Belgian City After Seizing Police Weapons

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