Raising Backyard Quail: A Viable Alternative to Raising Chickens?

backyard quail

Raising Backyard Quail

Anyone who has raised chickens knows that they can be a great way to get access to both meat and eggs. There is a little bit of a learning curve when you’re first getting set up but after that, it really isn’t all that difficult.

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have access to the space needed to raise chickens and some areas still will not allow you to raise chickens in your backyard. Whatever the reason may be, raising backyard quail can be a great alternative to raising chickens.

backyard quail eggs
Chicken egg compared to quail eggs.

If you’re interested in finding out if raising backyard quail is right for you, Backdoor Survival recently updated their article on this very subject. Be sure to swing by and check it out.

Quail are a great way to put some eggs and meat on the table even if you have just a small space to do it in. Even if you live in an area where you are not allowed to have chickens you can probably get away with raising quail. Instead of a lot of squawking, quail just make very low cooing sounds. Since you can raise a lot in a small space it is one of the options open to those on small lots that want to be more sustainable when sourcing their food.

Quail require less space and less work than chickens and rabbits plus they are quiet and easy to raise.  They do not eat a lot, convert feed into protein efficiently, and are much more congenial creatures than even the sweetest-tempered chicken.   Many cities allow quail when chickens are forbidden and given their quiet nature and modest space requirements, they can even be raised on the balcony of an urban apartment.

Source: How to Raise Backyard Quail: An Alternative to Raising Chickens

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