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October 17, 2017
A Bug Out Bag List tailored to your needs is one of the most important survival preps!

Best Bug Out Bag List

by Ready Lifestyle in Preparedness 2

The Best Bug Out Bag List It seems like putting together the best bug out bag (or B.O.B.) checklist is one of those things that every preparedness website has to do. The thing that other [...]
personal hygiene after a disaster

Personal Hygiene After a Disaster

Survival Hygiene in Your B.O.B. I have one question about your bug out bag. Will it keep you clean? It may be packed with the latest tactical gear, plenty of ammo, ultralight tents, Datrax bars [...]
First Aid

Veterinary Medicines During a Disaster

Can you Take Medication Meant for an Animal? Certainly, in times where doctors and hospitals are available to us, we should always consult with a physician prior to taking any kind of medication. In times [...]

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