August 20, 2017
surviving a nuclear attack

How to Survive a Nuclear Attack

by Ready Lifestyle in Preparedness 0

Nuclear weapons have been a threat to the world since they were first developed during WWII. In the past we’ve been protected from the threat of nuclear attack by things like the idea of mutually [...]
using fish antibiotics

Animal Medicines During an Extended Disaster

First Aid
Taking medications intended for animals can be a pretty controversial subject. Certainly, in times where doctors and hospitals are available to us, we should always consult with a physician prior to taking any kind of [...]

40 Tips Every Prepper Should Know

If you’ve been prepping for any length of time then these may be a refresher or they may be brand new. If you’re just starting in the prepping/preparedness world, then these will most likely be [...]
Post Collapse

Bug-in or Bug-out? That is the Question.

Bug-in or Bug-out? Deciding if you are going to bug-out or bug-in is a personal choice. However, that choice should not be made lightly as it may the most important decision you make following a [...]
Post Collapse

Wearing Contacts After a Collapse?

I recently had a conversation with a guy that wears contacts. He has been prepping for several years, and has close to a year of food and a couple hundred gallons of water stored, but [...]

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